Saturday, July 22, 2006

Welcome New Visitors to this Blog

If you are a new visitor to this blog and are interested in supporting the activities to preserve this historic cemetery, or if you have a relative buried in Savannah, please get in touch by emailing Thank you for your interest!


terre said...

I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone on thanking you for everything your doing for Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. Your knowledge and support is awsome. I am very interested in supporting any and all activities to preserve Savannah. Again thank you.

stevegossett said...

I live in Temple City and would wholeheartedly support a crusade for the cemetery for preservation as an historical landmark. My personal view is that too many sites of historical significance are destroyed in the so called name of progress resulting in the destruction of much needed points of historical reference. Historical sites are absolutely necessary to preserve the hard work and integrity of the founding fathers of Rosemead and surrounding cities, as well as preserving the historical paths and pasts of the area. As it is, Rosemead, as well as Temple City, are already quite lacking in the preservation and retainment of sites of historical significance. An unfortunate trend in a society of money talking louder then common sense.