Saturday, July 22, 2006

Los Angeles Times Sunday - July 23, 2006

Cecilia Rasmussen of the LA Times has written a fantastic article about the history, some of the residents, and plans for the future of Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. Local area residents can pick up an early copy of the paper on Saturday at grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, etc. In the early edition, the article appears on the front page (bottom) of the California section. In the home edition, it will appear on page 2.

I'm told that the article that appears in the home-delivery edition of the Sunday LA Times will be somewhat shorter and will carry fewer photographs. When the article is posted online tomorrow, I will add a link. But in the meantime, go pick up a copy of the edition that's out on Saturday.

Thank you LA Times and especially Cecilia for a great article.

NOTE: photographs accompanying the article include:
Photo of Donna Crippen and Paula Hinkel (photo by Alexander Gallardo of The Times)
Headstone of Ollie Cate, daughter of J.W. and E.A. Cate (photo by Paula Hinkel - the photo appears in this post)
Gate shot of Savannah Memorial Park (photo by Alexander Gallardo of The Times)
"Before" and "After" photos of William "Billie" Dodson (El Monte Historical Museum)


Corey Cate said...

I am a descendant of the headstone shown in the picture.

Corey Cate said...

Thanks for putting the picture of the headstone on this page.
The inscription of J W Cate is for James Wiggins Cate who was my grandfather's grandfather.
My father, James Alfred Cate has done extensive work on the Cate geneology.

Fitting that it should be published today. Today is my brother, Tracy Roy Cate's sixtieth birthday.