Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LA Times Sunday July 23!

I am thrilled to report that I just heard from Cecilia Rasmussen that her article on the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery "will be in this Sunday's paper, California section page 2, and on Saturday in the Sunday preview edition of the paper on page ONE of the California or Region section. You can pick up that edition at most supermarkets, Starbucks and gas stations." That's this Sunday, July 23.

Wow. Wow. I could never have believed that the LA Times would have picked up this story and carried it forward like this.

Now ... I don't know what families she's including and I don't know what she's going to say. I know she's talked to several family members and I sent her a grundle of information about the pioneer families and others who are buried there. From what she said, the Times will be running one of Bill Carpenter's photos of the group under the tree at the Cemetery. I don't know what other artwork will be included--I did send her a few headstone photos and some other photos taken at the cemetery and at the meeting. We'll see.

I do know that part of the article is going to be (embarassed to say) about how I got interested in the cemetery and why I got involved with the family members who were interested in conserving this piece of El Monte history.

Truly, I would be very happy to just go along unnoticed with my little camera, taking headstone photos and posting them online (which is just how I got acquainted with the cemetery). But for some reason, the reporter seems to think it's ~interesting~ that a round, middle-aged woman from Iowa would care about a threatened old pioneer cemetery, or that anyone would have posted 16,000-some gravestone photos online to help people track down their relatives' gravesites. I think I'll be wearing the crackpot label for this story for a long time; but if that's what it takes to get the spotlight on the cemetery, then I'm okay with it. Just know, when you see the story, that I would rather have been invisible.

Let's hope that we get lots of requests for more information and volunteers to help continue the good work that Eric, the officers and Board members have started.

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