Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friends of Savannah Pioneer Cemetery

Welcome to the blog for Friends of Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. This blog is designed to be used to help exchange information among the many individuals who are committed to preserve the sanctity and existence of Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. The cemetery, alternately known as El Monte Cemetery and Savannah Memorial Cemetery, is located within the city limits of the town of Rosemead, Los Angeles County, California.

This small, quaint cemetery is the last remaining evidence of El Monte's rich pioneer legacy as the terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. It also holds the last remaining evidence of those who lived to reach Southern California. It is likely the first non-Catholic cemetery in the Los Angeles region.

Within its iron fence rest the remains of many of the founders of the San Gabriel Valley. But it's not a peaceful rest these days.

If time has been kind, weathered and damaged gravestones stand or lie, fallen, to memorialize hard-fought pioneer lives. In many other cases, only the cemetery records remain to whisper names of many of the San Gabriel Valley's founding and most important families: Blackley, Cleminson, Cuddeback, Dodson, Dobyns, Durfee, Elliott, Ellis, Franklin, Freer, Guess, Jackson, Johnson, Samuel King, Lewis, Maxson, Mings, Shobe, Shugg, Slack, Nicholas Smith, Snoddy, Steele, Stout, Thurman, Tweedy, and Waldron.

Here are links to websites created in 2004's threat to the cemetery. These websites are rich with history about the cemetery.

Cemetery Report on SCGS Website The Southern California Genealogical Society holds a copy of the cemetery directory compiled by Cemetery Listing Services in Winona Minnesota. The directory was prepared within the past 10 years

California Saving Graves This website has a wealth of historical information about the cemetery, including obituaries, biographies and photographs of many of the individuals interred there. It includes newspaper articles and letters to the editor that were published in 2004, as well as Sue Silver's assessment of the legal ownership of the cemetery.

Savannah Cemetery on FindAGrave Headstone photographs and some obituaries.

Savannah Cemetery at Genweb's Cemetery Transcription Project Headstone photographs.

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